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State-of-the-art equipment

Large hydraulic shear

Conveyor-fed, nonferrous baler

Computerized purchases and dispatch

Metal analyzers on site

Roll-off service

Commercial Scrap Metal: A Partnership That Pays

A Responsibility to the Environment

Sullivan Scrap takes the necessary steps to minimize our facility’s impact on the environment—not because we have to, but because we want to. Sullivan Scrap is one of the few scrap dealers in the U.S. that is taking the lead in protecting the environment. Our entire ferrous scrap production area is finished in concrete, with underground pipes helping control rainwater and fluids. This system ensures that contaminants don’t come in contact with the soil, with all waste fluids and water treated and disposed of properly.


Scrap Metal: SERVICES


Expect More with Sullivan Scrap

We understand that your needs aren’t the same as the next person's—that goes for large manufacturers as well as individuals. Sullivan Scrap recognizes your unique challenges and offers customers flexibility with custom payment schedules, reports, service schedules, and containers designed to exceed your needs and expectations.


Services and Technology You Can Rely On

By utilizing the latest technologies and providing convenient on-site services, Sullivan Scrap makes finding solutions to your unique scrap metal challenges more efficient, effective, and worthwhile for your business:

Shear & Baler
Buyers of All Grades of Ferrous & Nonferrous Metals
Container Service
Large Hydraulic Shear & Baler

Advantages of Partnering with Sullivan Scrap

At Sullivan Scrap, we put our resources to work for you, striving to provide customers with the highest level of support and service possible:

  • Entire fleet of trucks tracked with GPS-based tracking software, allowing us to know where they are at all times and make service adjustments in real time
  • All drivers are equipped with cellular telephones
  • Entire fleet is equipped with CB radios for in-plant communication
  • On-site weld shop dedicated to repairing, maintaining, and adding to our inventory of containers
  • Mobile shear service available for special cleanups. We will cut, load, and haul the materials away, leaving your facility clean
  • Complete inventory of inter-plant equipment available, including roll-off containers, dumpster boxes, self-dumping hoppers, totes, bins, gaylord boxes, drums, etc. If you require something we don’t carry, we'll get it or make it for you quickly
  • Entire scrap purchasing process is computerized, from dispatch ticket entry to product receiving and payment